Explore your Product page

Did you explore your product page template yet? Here is how to access your product page.

Explore your Product page 1

Product Page Content

The majority of the content of your product page will be set up in that section. In order to fill your product page with content, it's like any other section you can add product-page-specific blocks to it.

Make sure to customize it to your liking with the 15 blocks available on Booster Theme V6. The possibilities are infinite. Want to know more about each and every block? Here are the articles.


Product Page Settings

In order to access the product page settings click on "Product page content".


The product page of Booster Theme offers two different layouts: Marketplace and default.


Gallery style

3 different gallery styles are offered with Booster Theme, choose one that fits best your brand.


Need more explanation or want to learn more about the product page settings? Here is the article you'll need.

Recommend section

You might want to consider using the recommended section on your product page, you'll want your customers to see your other products. Enable the recommend section and customize it to your liking.


Need more explanation about the recommend section? 

This article might make the product page looks really simple and basics without much inside it, but do not worry, this is only an overview of the most vital aspects of your product page. Don't forget to explore the many settings offered inside the product page, try different content blocks such as tabsaccordionlocalized delivery, and also make sure to go in the theme settings again for more advanced customization.