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With the help of our Booster Theme, you get the convenience of setting up slideshows easily. We understand that the slideshows help to attract a customer's attention and make your Shopify store look more appealing. Read on to know how to set up slideshows successfully in our Booster Theme.



Let's get started.​  

Full-width images that include slideshows and images with text overlays make the store look appealing and adds to the charm of the product displayed on the page. We provide you with a chance to grab attention by using slideshows. Build the identity of your brand by using relevant images and setting them up for a slideshow.  


3 types of slideshows!

The Adaptive Slideshow will adapt to the width and height of the image. If you want your image to show entirely choose this option.

The Responsive Slideshow will allow you to select mobile and desktop images separately, this way you can optimize your page speed on your mobile version without putting aside your desktop UX.

The Default Slideshow will make a standard slideshow, but you have the option to add a video as a slide.


Setting up your slideshow

Slideshow Section 2

Autoplay slides

With this setting, the slides will autoplay, the customer won't need to click on the arrow to change the slides, it will do it automatically.

Slideshow Section 3


We provide the convenience of setting up animations to your slideshows to make them look more attractive and enhance the visitor’s experience. You can animate the content, images, or any other elements which are used in the slideshow.  

Slideshow Section 4

Content animations available 

  • Fade in
  • Slide and fade in
  • Slide from top
  • Slide from bottom
  • Slide from left
  • Slide from right
  • Grow
  • Rotate and grow
  • Shake

Animating All sections at once 

This section allows the animation of every element present in your slideshow. You can either choose to animate them separately or all together.  

By checking on the option of animating all elements on your slideshow at once, you get the feasibility of altering all of them at once. By unchecking, each element will behave separately and will animate at different time slots. However, by animating separately, you may experience a slight delay in each animation.