Header Settings

With our booster theme, you get the convenience of making a navigation and settings menu for each of your web pages in the Shopify store. In Booster theme V5, header settings are easy to set, and we have made it easier for the users by providing them with an interface that is quite simple.    

Booster theme offers the ease of customizing the entire header with the help of a variety of distinct options provided. Find the following setting options:


Global Header Settings 

Enable shadow

You can add a small shadow under your header to make it more visually appealing.

Header Settings 1


Menu Links 

With this setting, you can choose different menu links that you want to add to your header. Add or alter according to your store design.  

Header Settings 2


Enable Megamenu 

With this Header setting, you get the convenience of making a mega menu for your storefront.
Here is a complete setup article: Megamenu and rich submenu Navigation

Logo Width & Height

Want to adjust the width of your logo? We have provided this setting with the option of doing so. If you feel that your logo is just not fitting in right, modify the size to fit it perfectly well. You can modify the Width and the Height of your logo image.

Header Settings 3


Make the Header Stick to the Top 

You can make the header of your storefront stick to the same position at the top of the screen. You can scroll the rest of the screen, but the header will still be there at the top. Either enable or disable this option according to your desire. Navigate through the entire website with the header stuck at the top.  


Header settings --> "Make the header stick to top"


Header Settings 4


Header Buttons 

Show Cart (desktop)

Header Settings 5

Background color

Header Settings 6


Link Style 

You can also change the style of the links used in the header section.  

Text Color 

With this option, you can modify the color of the text or the elements present in the menu section.  

Active Color of Text Accent 

This section allows you to change the color of the accent under the menu elements that are active.  

Active Text Color 

With this option in our Booster theme V5, you can alter the color of the elements of the active menu.  

Font Size 

Change the size of the fonts used in the Header section. This setting allows you to do so for the menu elements.  

Hover Style 

With this setting, modify the hover style for your menu section. You can pick from 6 varied styles available: Fill(1), Underline(2), Opacity(3), Line through Text(4), Dot Below(5), Dot Above(6).   

Header Settings 7



Setting up Cart 

With this option in Booster Theme V5, you can alter the cart icon for your storefront. Select the icon you like best. There are varied options for the user to choose from. The available options include Bag(1), Cart(2), and Basket(3). Pick one according to what you prefer. 

Header Settings 8



Logo Position 

This setting modifies the position of the logo for its user. You can choose to position it either in the center or on the left.  

Header Settings 9