Call to Action Section

How to set up your CTA section

CTA section

This section serves as a focal point to prompt specific actions from the visitors. It directs users to engage with the desired content, subscribe, purchase, or navigate further.

 In this article:

  1. Setting up your Call to Action section
  2. Add content block + Section Layout

Let's get started!

Setting up your Call to Action Section

To add and set up, click Add Section -> Call to Action.

Add block

Add Content Block + Section Layout

The call to action doesn't have any particular like the featured collection or the lookbook section, it only offers ALL the content blocks, we have a whole article going through every single one of them!

More information about How to use the Add Content Blocks + Section Layout Setting here

Add block

The following blocks can be added to the CTA section:

  • Heading
  • Text
  • Button
  • Highlighted text
  • Separator
  • Custom Heading
  • Custom Text
  • Custom Button 
  • Newsletter
  • Page Content
  • Liquid
  • HTML 


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