Newsletter settings

The newsletter is really important in order to get recurring customers, having a newsletter section will allow you to gather emails from your customers. Having those emails can help you with your marketing
a lot!




In Booster Theme, the newsletter is available in any section which has content blocks (Image Text, Video Text, Lookboox Text, Footer, Subfooter, CTA, Split CTA, Custom Content, Map). It is also available in the Footer and Sub-Footer.


Adding newsletter to a Content Section or your Footer

In order to add a Newsletter block, simply click on Add content --> Newsletter

Newsletter settings 1


Configuring the newsletter provider

Newsletter provider

We offer the option to use the Shopify Email subscriber Feature or the Mailchimp one.
Simply choose the one that fits best your needs.
Read this article from Shopify to help you understand how to access your subscriber and learn what you can do with those emails.

Important for Mailchimp users
For Mailchimp, you'll need to go to Theme settings --> Newsletter.

Newsletter settings 2

You will have to enter your Mailchimp Action to activate the feature. Here is a video on where to find the Mailchimp Action --> Instruction Video. You can also add Mailchimp U and ID fields if needed.


Settings to customize your newsletter block

After adding the block, it is important to make sure it is fitting well with your website branding.

Input text color defines the color of the text entered in the field.

Input background color allows you to customize the background of your newsletter

Placeholder text allows you to customize the text in the newsletter.

Button type is using the combinations you created in the Theme Settings. You can choose between your Primary or Secondary Combination.

Submit text will modify the text of your button for subscribing to the newsletter.