Product Card Tags theme settings

How to add Tags to your Product Cards

Product Card Tags

Product card tags provide key information about an item at a glance. Common tags include "Sale" for discounted products. This tag assists shoppers in quickly identifying important details about the product.

In this article:

  1. Enable/disable tags

  2. Tag position

  3. Tag Margin

  4. Sale Badge

  5. Sold-out Tag

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Enable/disable tags

Our theme allows you to enable or disable the tags on the product card with this setting.

Tag position

With this setting, you can modify the position of the tag on the card image. We provide four different options to place the tag:

  • Bottom left
  • Bottom right
  • Top left
  • Top right

    Tag Position

Tag margin

This setting allows us to make changes to the amount of space between the edges and tags of a card. To make changes to the setting, any choice between 0px to 15 px is available.

Card Tag

Sale Badge

In this setting, you can enable or disable the Sale Tags and change their color. You can choose between Percentage (%), Money amount, and Only "Sale" text.

Sale Badge

Sold-out Tag

This tag indicates that the item or product is no longer available. This helps you enable or disable the tag and change its color.

Sold-out tag

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