Lookbook + text section

Lookbook + text section 1

The lookbook is helpful in showcasing the designs in an innovative manner. Upon being accompanied by text, it looks more attractive. So, let’s find out how to set up Lookbook + text in Booster Theme V5.



Lookbook + text section

Image position

This setting modifies the position of the image. It allows the image to be placed either on the left or on the right.

Lookbook + text section 2

Image width

This setting makes changing the image width convenient.

Lookbook + text section 3


This setting lets you change the image.

Product Pin #1

A product pin makes it easier for customers to see the products that are being sold. The customers may also see the price, availability, and location from where they can be bought.
Lookbook + text section 4

Featured Product

This setting lets the sellers choose the desired featured product


We offer the option to move the pin along the X and Y axis. With these settings, you can position the pin on the image in your desired manner.