Installation Process

In this article, we will walk you through the steps on how to install Booster Theme on your store.

If you're having some troubles installing our theme. Please contact our support team at or fill up our contact form HERE.

In this article:

  1. Video tutorial
  2. Activating your license
  3. Choosing a present and installing Booster Theme


Step 1.1

Go to

Step 1.2

Enter the email used at purchase in the text field and click Login. This will send a login link directly to your email inbox.

User Panel Login

Step 1.3

Go to your inbox and you'll have received an email titled: [BoosterTheme] Your User Panel Login Link.
Booster User Panel Login Link

Step 1.4

On the Users Panel, click Edit license.

User Panel Edit License

Step 1.5

Enter your Shopify URL in the New Domain textbox and click Update license.


  1. The Shopify URL should be in this format:
  2. You can only edit your license once every 7 days. If you made a spelling mistake or entered the wrong URL and can't wait 7 days, you may contact our support so we can update it for you.

Users Panel Shopify URL



Before continuing, make sure to have downloaded the Booster Theme Presets - UNZIP from the email: Booster Theme - Welcome on board! 🤙🏻

Step 2.1

Download the Booster Theme zip file from the email: Booster Theme - Welcome on board! 🤙🏻.

Booster Theme zip file

Step 2.2

Open (for Mac) or unzip (for Windows) the zip file Booster Theme Presets - UNZIP to get the Booster Theme Presets folder that contains all the different presets we offer.

Booster Theme Presets - UNZIP ME

Step 2.3

Go to your Shopify store and upload the zip file of the preset you want to use. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how:

HubSpot Video

You are now ready to customize your store!

Booster Theme Installed