How to setup Upsell/Crossell in Booster theme



This section allows you to create an upsell/crossell when you add a product to your cart.

Upselling: Encourages customers to purchase a higher-end version of the product or service they are considering. This increases the average transaction value and overall revenue.
Cross-selling: Involves offering complementary products or services to what the customer is already buying. This diversifies the purchase and adds to the total sales amount.

In this article:

  1. Accessing Upsell/Crossell
  2. Adding Blocks/Condition
  3. Product condition
  4. Collection condition
  5. Tag condition
  6. Price condition
  7. Type condition
  8. Popup title and description

Accessing Upsell/Crossell

To access the Upsell/Crossell settings, click Customize (Themes section on Shopify) > Home page > Section > scroll down to Upsell/Crossell.

access upsell

Adding Blocks/Condition

You are able to add blocks on your Upsell/Crossell and you can choose among the available block according to the condition you would like products displayed. Click on Upsell/Crossell > Add Block.

upsell add block

In order to organize the upsell, the theme will evaluate the condition in a certain order.

There are 5 different conditions which are added as blocks.

Product condition

With this condition you'll need to select a specific product and the collection/product you want to upsell.

product condition

Collection condition

You'll need to select one of your collection and the collection/product you want to upsell.

collection condition

Tag condition

You'll need to select a certain tag and the collection/product you want to upsell..

tag condition

Price condition

You'll need to create a price condition, using the: Less than, equal to, more than an X price.

price condition

Type condition

You'll need to type a handle of a certain product type.

type condition

IMPORTANT: Make sure to go in Theme settings --> Cart & Add to cart --> After adding to cart: Select Upsell Collection

upsell collection


Popup title and description

This setting allows you to change the title & description of the upsell.

content desc

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