How to setup Title banner (Collection List) in Booster theme



You can set a title for your collection lists as well to separate them from one another. This way your consumers will know that the collection lists are distinct from one another. This setting allows you to do so for your Shopify Store for greater ease.  

We allow the convenience of setting the title banner to your collection list with the latest version of Booster Theme.  

Section Layout 


Alter the layout of the title banner that you choose to add to your collection list. We provide this setting with four distinct options so that the users can select one according to their desire. The varied options provided include Global Default, Boxed, Full-Width Background, Full Width. Pick one and see how the style of your title banner looks.  


You can alter the height of the title banner added to your collection list. With the setting provided in the booster theme, you can alter the height according to your preference and choose an option from the range anywhere between 0 px to 500 px.  

Content Alignment 

Align the content added to the title banner with this option provided by us in the latest version of our booster theme.  

Top to Bottom 

Align the content of the title banner from the top to the bottom. There are three different options provided that include: Top, Middle and Bottom.  

Left to Right 

With this setting, you can choose to align your content from the left to right of the title banner. Pick one according to what suits your design best. In our latest version, you get three options: Left, Center and Right.  


Add a more personalized style to the title banner with this setting. You get different selections to choose according to what you are looking for.  

Title Size 

Alter the size of the title added to the banner for your webpage. We allow altering it into four different forms for the users to select one according to their preferences. There are four varied options provided for the users to choose from. These include Small, Base, Medium, and Big.  

Text Color 

Modify the color of the title or the text added to your title banner. Prefer one that goes well with the design of your storefront.  

Background Color 

If you think that the color of its background is not going well with the text color, or is not matching the theme, you can alter the background color as well. Just pick one from the options provided and use it.  

Background Image 

You can also select an image for the background of your title banner. Use one that goes well with your collection list for your visitors to comprehend.  


We allow our users to add opacity to their title banner as well. Add it to enhance the look of the title banner added.  

Overlay Opacity  

You can pick an option from the range of overlay opacity and decide what is suiting the design best. Select an option that ranges from 0% to 100%.  

Overlay Color 

You can change the color of the overlay added to your title banner. We provide a variety of color options for our users to pick one.