How to setup Recently bought in Booster theme

How to set up the Recently Bought feature.

Recently Bought

The Recently Bought feature has become a widely adopted marketing strategy that utilizes website notifications to showcase recent purchases made by other customers. This tactic aims to foster a sense of urgency and social proof, making it a highly sought-after tool for many e-commerce businesses today.

In this article:

  1. Accessing the Recently Bought App
  2. Enabling the Recently Bought App
  3. Choosing the Collection Displayed on the Pop-up
  4. Frequency
  5. Background colour
  6. Text colour
  7. Border-radius
  8. Image type
  9. Name format
  10. List of names

Recently Bought App

To access the Recently bought Settings, go to your Theme settings Recently bought [APP].Accessing the Recently Bought app

Enabling the Recently Bought App

This setting allows you to enable or disable the app. Additionally, you can decide whether to enable it on mobile or not.

Enabling the Recently Bought app


You can select the collection that will be displayed on your Recently Bought pop-up. If a specific collection is not selected, the Recently Bought pop-up will automatically showcase up to 15 of the top-selling items.

Collection DIsplayed on the Recently Bought app


This setting allows you to control how often the pop-up appears and for how long it remains visible.

Recently Bought app frequency

Background colour

This setting modifies the colour of the background.

Text colour

This setting modifies the text colour.


This setting allows you to adjust the sharpness of the pop-up's corners. By increasing the border-radius, you can create a softer, more rounded appearance. Conversely, decreasing the border-radius will result in sharper, more defined corners. Using a rounded border can make your pop-up appear more approachable and less intrusive, enhancing the overall user experience.


Recently Bought border-radius


Recently Bought border-radius 100

Image type

Determines whether or not the image will have surrounding space.

With border

Recently Bought app with border

No border

Recently Bought app-no border

Name format

There are 3 different options for the name format you can choose.

  1. Full name
  2. Shorten last name
  3. Initials

Recently Bought name format

List of names

This is where you can enter your names.

You need to separate every name by a comma. Also, use full names: First name and Last name.


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