Gallery & Swatches theme settings

Swatches are used to allow you to sell multiple variants of a product. In this section, you'll be able to optimize your swatches and images gallery.



To access the Gallery & Swatches Settings, click Customize (Themes section on Shopify) > Theme settings Gallery & Swatches


Show selected variant's image will make the main image change according to the variant selected.

Gallery & Swatches theme settings 1

Default variant selector

Dropdown & Swatches are the two options.

Gallery & Swatches theme settings 2

Alternative selector options

Let's say you want your color to remain swatches but would like to have the size as a dropdown, you simply enter the name of your size variant and it will do the opposite of the default variant selector.

Gallery & Swatches theme settings 3

Swatch logic

Within Booster Theme, there are 2 different swatches logic you can select. Amazon and Aliexpress.

Amazon: Amazon swatch logic allows you to select variants that are not greyed out, which means they are unavailable currently.

Aliexpress: Aliexpress is simply the reverse, you can't select unavailable variants.


Preselect swatch will allow you to customize the variant experience

Gallery & Swatches theme settings 4

None will leave the variant unselected.

The first option will always select the first variant.

The First or selected variant will always select the first variant of all options.


The first option - Word swatches

Gallery & Swatches theme settings 5
In order to do that simply remove any word in the " Color option names " settings

Gallery & Swatches theme settings 6

The second option - Custom Color swatches

With this feature, you can set a custom color to your swatches using the HEX color codes.
Let's say you want your red to be a certain tone you'll have to put in the "Custom color codes" field:
red: #EF0000

Gallery & Swatches theme settings 7

The third option - Images swatches

In order to activate the swatches with an image of the product, simply add an image in Shopify to your variant and add the name of your variant in the Image option names field.

Gallery & Swatches theme settings 8