Columns section

How to use Columns section in Booster theme.

column section

Columns render a structured appearance to the entire page. More customers are attracted to sites that have data arranged in columns. Columns make it easier to read the information.

It allows you to present your brand story or mission in a visually compelling manner. You can use images, text, and other elements side by side to create a narrative that resonates with your audience.

In this article:

  1. Add Columns section
  2. Section blocks Available
  3. Icon + text
  4. Image + text 
  5. Video + text
  6. Setting text content and Buttons
  7. Column Heading
  8. Column Layout

Add Columns section

In order to add columns section, go to "Sections" tab in the Theme Editor. Click on Add Section > Columns

add columns section

Section blocks Available

With the help of this feature, you can add a content block in columns. There are 3 different content blocks you can use which are Icon + text, Image + text and Video + text 

Icon + text

This block allow you to add icon and text. You can get icons at Unicons Library. It can be copied over and added to icon name field. The size and color of the icon can be adjusted as desired.

icon name

Image + text 

This block allow you to add image and text. The image can be uploaded and width adjusted accordingly.

image + text

Video + text

This block allow you to add video plus text. The video link can be added and width adjusted.

NOTE that this section  Accept YouTube or Vimeo links


video + text

Setting text content and Buttons

The columns section block allows you to control the text and buttons to be added . You can add the heading and text to be displayed in their respective fields.

icon text

You can set the button label and URL that it will redirect to once it is clicked. Button style and type can also be adjusted.

column button

Column Heading

The section heading and subheading can be added and colors adjusted. You can choose subheading position to be either above or below the heading and set their alignment.

columns heading

Column Layout

The height of the content section can be modified in the column layout setting. You can then adjust the gap between the columns and how the content should be aligned. Also the number of columns per row in a particular section can be adjusted.

columns layout


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